The PRO PROGRAM is aimed at players who participate in ITF Junior, Futures ATP and WTA tournaments, as well as ATP Challenger tournaments. Following the VTC teaching method, we maximize the potential of each player.

The PRO program, under the VTC teaching method, is directed and supervised by our technical director Ginés Pérez Martinez.

We offer a comprehensive training service with physical preparation and accompaniment to tournaments.

Our technicians develop customized programs for each player according to their needs. They are fully customized programs focused on improving the technical aspects and then allow us to address the improvement of our game plan and the acquisition of tactical fundamentals to develop them in competition.

The main objective is to provide the player with technical and tactical tools that together with a specific physical preparation program will lead to a substantial improvement in sports performance.

The accompaniment to tournaments with our coaches and the practice sets of the afternoon sessions complete a program really designed for players of the international circuit.

Detailed reports from our coaches and video analysis of each athlete complete a program of real guarantee.

Juanse Martinez and Vicente Egea make up the technical staff of the Academy and Guillem Tomás and his assistants Raúl Sebastiá and José Brenes are in charge of the preparation program.


Our Sports Center, CM Valencia Tennis Center has an academy specialized in offering study programs to athletes subject to intensive training and competition programs.

The school schedule is established according to academic and training needs. The teachers are in permanent contact with the sports managers of the academy, together we are aware of the students / players, we provide them with a suitable environment for their development and we ensure that they have a good academic and sporting progression.

Academic programs at our VTC School

The VTC Academy teaching team has the capacity and experience to offer tutoring support for the following distance learning academic programs:

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ESO, 1st and 2nd Bachillerato.

(9th, 10th) 11th and 12th grades of High School of the North American System.

American System.

Tutoring for other systems: O and A Levels, CNED, IOC, etc.

Our students attend 3/4 hours of daily tutorials, led by qualified and experienced teachers, during which they study and do the assignments and projects indicated by the teachers of the programs in which they are enrolled. The groups are formed by a maximum of 8 students, which allows a very personalized attention. The teachers explain the contents and follow up on the attendance, behavior and performance of the students. They also prepare supplementary material when they consider it necessary.

In the case of the American system, students also take the exams supervised by our teaching staff. In the other cases, they must go to the central offices of the institutes to validate the subjects.

The class schedule is flexible and can be adapted to sporting needs. In our experience, in order to be able to combine intensive training with good school performance, we recommend doing 2 hours of class in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. A possible schedule would be:

Training Session

11:00 to 13:00h CLASS

13:00 to 13:45h LUNCH

13:45 to 15:45h CLASS

Training Session

The schedule has a number of advantages, the alternation of class and training makes the day more dynamic, the 2-hour sessions allow the student to not lose concentration, students make digestion in school hours and thus minimize downtime.

To obtain the High School diploma, a minimum of 200 credits must be taken. Students take 4 to 5 subjects per semester including one language (Spanish, French or Latin), which means a total of 25 or 30 credits per semester and 50 to 60 per course. In this way, the required 200 credits are obtained in the 4 courses of High School.

A typical semester would include the following subjects:

English Language and Literature

Mathematics (Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus,

Precalculus, Calculus...)

Social Studies (History, Geography...)

Language (french, german,spanish,mandarin)

The program also offers Advanced Placement Courses in the areas of English Literature, Mathematics, American History, Government, Environmental Science, Computer Science and French Language and Culture.

The first semester runs from September to January and the second semester from February to June. In this system, students have a great deal of flexibility in choosing the subjects and the level of the subjects, they can start the course at any time of the year and determine when to take the exams.

For all this it is very important that in order to finish the courses in due time, they work constantly in class and at home, doing the homework indicated by the teachers, especially during the weekend and when they are out of the tournament.

CIDEAD. Spanish System. ESO and BACHILLER

Students enroll in the CIDEAD (Center for the Innovation and Development of Distance Education), which depends directly on the Ministry of Education of the Spanish government.

In this system the courses are structured in three trimesters, but unlike the previous system the subjects are annual. Teachers also assign homework and activities to be completed and handed in on a bi-weekly basis, and at the end of each term there is an evaluation exam at CIDEAD's designated site.

Our team of teachers also conducts internal exams so that students study steadily and do not wait until the last week before exams to start studying.